Mushroom Day 11: Paris – Friday 19th April

Jiri's flat's staircase

Jiri’s flat’s staircase

It’s good to be back in Paris! The bread is fresh and delicious, we have pastries and coffee for breakfast and will now switch from the regime of heavy, meaty food and beer to a new one: pasta, and wine (that’s what you call a revolution). Lara aka L-Beau, Jiri’s special lady, has most generously invited us to share her living space and the six of us cosilly but comfortably hang out for a while. There’s talk of going busking but no one actually has the energy today…

The gig tonight is at the Centre Tchéque de Paris in the middle of Paris Saint Germain de Prez. With the addition of Lara and Sophie, the van now feels like a proper tour band – rock! It’s a tricky drive and by the time we get there we are not altogether feeling one hundred percent, however once we arrive things are looking good.

The audience is friendly from the outset and we come straight out with Travailler Plus pour Gagner Plus which features a recording of a speech by former French president Nicolas Sarkozy on austerity politics. Although we may have managed to alienate some more conservative members of our audience, those who continued to listen were won over and after 3 shortish sets would not let us go without playing several encores. Unbeknownst to us, this would be the last time on the tour that we would get to play our own music extensively and somehow accordingly it felt like a summing up of everything we had done so far on the tour and at the same time new avenues started to open in certain places…

In typical fashion, Francesc and Zac go to fetch the van after the gig and get hopelessly lost in a one way triangle (ole!)… These guys are only good at making bad puns.

le grand pour moi!!

le grand pour moi!!

Fred stays home to repair his failing health and spend some quality time with his bloved (ahhh) and the rest of us venture out to a birthday party with a couple bottles of Cahors (or kayhoare as we now call it), despite being warned “the music will be terrIBle!”. It was, however Jiri’s Lemon tart was quite delectable. Mm-hm!

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